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'I keep having sex with my girlfriend and strangers – but now it's taking toll on me'

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I experience a runaway train-like sensation. My boyfriend and I indulge in excessive drinking and sleazy behavior. I sometimes find it difficult to recognize the bag-eyed mess in the mirror when I first wake up. It's easier said than done, but we must slow down and adapt. The "fun couple" is how people refer to us here. We enjoy hanging together with other hedonists. [caption id="attachment_65623" align="aligncenter" width="360"]lovely-couple Image/freepik[/caption] We are surrounded by a chaotic mob that won't let us rest, including my hot friends, her old college friends, and a few of our neighbors. We live in turmoil, and our tiny semi is the center of the party. People frequently stop by. We find ourselves in the middle of yet another orgy as the drinks flow and people start taking their clothes off. I used to be a regular guy. I don't know how my life has turned into a constant nightmare. [caption id="attachment_65624" align="aligncenter" width="740"]Threesome Image/freepik.com[/caption] Undoubtedly, my partner is more organized than I am. She still manages to work a demanding full-time job, but I'm laughing out loud. I keep getting caught napping by my supervisor, and I routinely arrive late or sick. I just had a flashback to the previous evening during a staff planning meeting.Threesome At an impromptu party, I recalled observing my partner being amused by the guy next door. I had to rush outside for some fresh air because I felt sick to my stomach. Later I reminded my girl of it, and she admitted that she doesn’t even fancy our neighbor but felt obliged to get drunk – and naked – with him because “that’s what we always do”. How did we end up here?

By Awanish Kumar

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