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‘I was an ICU nurse during pandemic but was sacked when colleagues spotted my OnlyFans’

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‘I was an ICU nurse during pandemic but was sacked when colleagues spotted my OnlyFans’-GadgetAny
Allie Rae

ICU nurse who lost her job when her coworkers discovered her OnlyFans account now owns several million dollars.

Allie Rae, a 38-year-old American woman, joined OnlyFans in 2020 when her husband was forced to take a leave of absence from the airlines due to the epidemic. She is a mother of three boys, a wife of 22 years, and a naval veteran.

Due to the loss of income while Allie Rae was working full-time, they were looking for more funding, just like many other people.

Allie Rae
(Image: theallierae/Instagram)

Sadly, the hospital where she worked didn’t encourage her extracurriculars.

Exclusive quote from her statement to Daily Star: “They fired me because I ‘became a distraction to the unit’ after five nurses discovered my OF and began spreading the word to everyone.

Allie Rae
(Image: theallierae/Instagram)

“I was completely humiliated because it was 100% a secret and I never wanted anyone to know what I was doing on the side, and they went to great lengths to ensure I lost my job because of it.

“I was given an ultimatum at that point and I chose to leave. The environment was toxic.”

In the end, Allie Rae chose the best course of action for her family because her adult career is now bringing in thousands of dollars each week.

Allie Rae
(Image: theallierae/Instagram)

Due to the success of her veggie series, in which she enjoys vegetables, she has made $24,000 in just one week.

Despite the success of this series, her husband and daughter’s intimate videos continue to be her most popular content.

“We film ourselves having sex and it tends to be the highest selling, as well as any of my solo videos with toys and vegetables,” she shared.

“I am kinda known for my dirty talk, and my community really loves that in my videos. When I make videos with my husband, my dirty talk is at an all-time high and is really good.”

Allie Rae has a bevvy of loyal fans and she often receives unusual requests from them.

Allie Rae
(Image: theallierae/Instagram

She has one man who is apparently infatuated with her thumbs.

“He asks for all sorts of pictures of my bendy thumbs just doing normal non-sexual things,” the bombshell explained.

Allie Rae
(Image: theallierae/Instagram

“He has a fetish with thumbs that are very flexible because his past wife had bendy thumbs but she died, it reminds him of her.

“It makes me feel good to be able to help him through a difficult time just by pictures of my thumbs.”

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