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Instagram DM updates – Now Chatting Is More Interesting Than Ever

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Instagram DM updates – Now Chatting Is More Interesting Than Ever-GadgetAny
Instagram dm updates

After introducing new messaging updates for WhatsApp and Messenger, Meta is now bringing new updates for Instagram too. The latest Instagram DM updates will supposedly make sharing posts and replying to messages easier. As a result, users can directly respond to messages while browsing with a new in-app notification feature. In addition, sharing a post will become quicker by just pressing and holding the “Send” button. After that, a list of closest friends will appear, enabling users to share a post without interrupting their browsing. The IG DMs inbox will also display who is available and online to chat.

instagram chatting updates

Moreover another one of the Instagram DM updates is the silent message feature. It will enable users to send a message to their friends without a notification popping up. The silent message feature can be handy when chatting at night without disturbing anyone. Additionally, IG will also roll out a new lo-fi chat theme. Finally, the latest IG updates will enable users to send polls in group messages. 

insta chat updates

Most interestingly, a user will now be able to share music with their friends. IG’s collaboration with popular music streaming services like Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Spotify will ensure that. Hence, users can preview around 30 seconds of a song, a great way to discover new music through your friends. These new Instagram DM updates will initially be available only in a few countries. However, Meta does plan to expand it further globally. 

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