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IKEA introduces DIRIGERA and a new IKEA Home smart app

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IKEA introduces DIRIGERA and a new IKEA Home smart app-GadgetAny

IKEA recently introduced a Google Matter-ready hub called DIRIGERA and a new IKEA Home smart app. The Swedish company, founded by Ingvar Kamprad more than 70 years ago, has garnered immense popularity worldwide. Additionally, the company has evolved throughout the years with evolving technology and continues to do so by introducing unique smart home devices. The latest device and app will enable the company to handle more smart device segments, making integrating devices easier. 

Furthermore, IKEA states that DIRIGERA will be “convenient, easy to navigate, and user-friendly” for an amateur smart home tech owner. The company says –

“With the new DIRIGERA hub for smart products, users will be able to onboard all IKEA smart products to the system and steer them individually, in sets, or groups in the new IKEA Home smart app. In addition, it will enable users to create different scenes with pre-set functions of the smart products and increases the personalization options for the smart home.” 

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What’s more

Moreover, IKEA released its first smart home hub TRADFRI and its app back in 2014. So, it was high time for the company to launch a new gateway and app. Fortunately, IKEA assures its users that they’ll be able to use that device even now. In addition, current IKEA products can connect to and work “equally well” with the DIRIGERA hub as the TRADFRI one. 

Additionally, the company’s smart home and device family continues to evolve and multiply. For instance, IKEA launched the VAPPEBY LED lamp that doubles as a Spotify-enabled Bluetooth speaker this year too. In addition, the company upgraded its SYMFONISK bookshelf speaker, built in partnership with Sonos and smart blinds, air purifiers, and other devices. 

Lastly, the DIRIGERA hub and the new IKEA smart home app will launch in October 2022. Besides that, IKEA will also reveal the remote “away from home” functionality in early 2023. It seems like IKEA is on a roll and its customers are likely to benefit immensely from it.

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