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Ikea Kreativ – a unique VR tool that erases furniture

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Ikea Kreativ – a unique VR tool that erases furniture-GadgetAny
Ikea Kreativ

Spending a weekend traversing through the maze-like Ikea store is pretty tiring. And for that exact reason, the company has a mobile app using AR features that allows users to try furniture before purchase. But now, Ikea has made those features even more useful by adding a tool that automatically erases a room’s existing furnishings. Hence, users can easily try out how the new furniture looks in a room with Ikea Kreativ.  

Previously, users had to physically remove existing furniture to redecorate a room with Ikea furniture. Then and only then were they able to use the AR app to determine how the new furniture might look or fit into a space. However, the new VR design tool will significantly benefit users when completely redecorating a room. 

Ikea Kreativ

Ikea Kreativ

Ikea’s largest store franchise, the Ingka Group, created this unique design tool called Ikea Kreativ. It is powered by AI tech from Geomagical Labs, an Ingka-acquired company. To start redecorating, users first need to upload a series of pictures of a room to the design tool. It is available on the Ikea website. Then, Kreativ will automatically generate an image that can interact with 3D objects. However, using Kreativ through a smartphone with an updated iOS Ikea app is easier. Unfortunately, Ikea Kreativ is currently only compatible with iPhones. But, it would have Android compatibility later this summer. 

Furthermore, when using the mobile app, users need to capture a panoramic image of the space. Additionally, unlike the augmented reality tools, Ikea Kreativ produces a static image of the room. Thus, users can view a virtual piece of furniture from different angles. So, Ikea Kreativ is less interactive. But, users can erase an existing piece of furniture with a simple click with this tool and make the room empty if they wish. 

And then, users can redecorate the room with Ikea furniture from the current catalog, virtually, of course. In addition, Ikea Kreative even gives users access to 50 3D virtual showrooms, giving ideas for major renovations. 

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By Raulf Hernes

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