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Ikea’s Air Quality Sensor Debuts Rightly In Spring

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Ikea’s Air Quality Sensor Debuts Rightly In Spring-GadgetAny

Ikea sells economical furniture, but it also has a surprising number of smart home gadgets. In April, the Vindstyrka smart indoor air quality sensor, a tiny PM2.5 sensor, will join Ikea’s smart home family.

The forthcoming Vindstyrka air quality sensor has only a few buttons and a simple display showing PM2.5 levels, temperature, humidity, and total volatile organic compounds (TVOC). The sensor works without the Ikea smartphone app, but pairing it will improve its performance. This lets you activate equipment like Ikea’s Starkvind air purifiers based on air quality.

IKEA's boxy smart sensor measures and monitors indoor air quality so you know what you're breathing - Yanko Design

Photo Credit: Yanko Design

That’s all we know about the sensor. Henrik Telander, the product owner at Ikea of Sweden, stated that the company’s goal was to produce a “cheap, high-performing air quality sensor,” so don’t expect a high price tag. The Govee Smart Air Quality Monitor, which costs $60 and measures many of the same characteristics, may be a better fit.

Ikea expects the Vindstyrka to launch in all regions by April. That places its launch date exactly at the start of spring, when pollen and other allergies come quickly.

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