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In a teaser for an impending online launch event, the anticipated Nikon Z8 release date was revealed

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Photo Credit: Digital Camera World A countdown timer for an online launch event was recently covertly installed on several of Nikon's homepages. Speculation and deceptively concealed information suggest that the Z8 may be released soon. On May 10, 2023, it appears that the full-frame Nikon Z8, marketed as a new model in the company's premium mirrorless portfolio, would be on sale. The debut date for a mystery new product in Nikon's lineup is May 10, 2023, according to an event announcement posted to several of the company's home pages. There is no other information about what is debuting, but a cunningly concealed fact suggests that the online launch event may reveal Nikon's rumored Z8 full-frame camera. Nikon Z8 is HERE! - YouTube Photo Credit: YouTube Under the main banner, there is repeating text that asks, "ARE YOU READY?" in large, yellow letters. Sharp eyes will notice that the question mark has been replaced with the number "8" in the text outline's final line. Speculators at companies such as Nikon According to rumors, this information confirms the Z8's launch. This theory has some validity because it makes little sense to tease a tiny product launch. Nikon's Z8 camera has not yet received any clear information, but the leaks and rumors that have surfaced tend to suggest that it will fill the space between the current Z7 II and the flagship Z9. If true, the leaked Z8 will have a smaller form factor, be more similar to the Z7 than the Z9, and perhaps even share the same body as the Z 7II. It will be aimed at the prosumer market. Additionally, there are rumors that the Z8 will have a slightly reduced feature set compared to the Z9 but still have a full-frame, 45.7-MP stacked CMOS sensor. Also Read: Boosts VIPs in the Feed on Twitter? Elon Musk, Mr. Beast, President Biden, and MORE Supposedly Benefits Many hybrid shooters would find a camera that bridges the significant price difference between the US$5,499 Z9 and the US$2,599.95 Z7 II to be an appealing possibility, especially if the improved EVF and autofocus leaks are accurate. Nikon included a "Get notified" button to the online launch event notice that you can use to add the event to your calendar or join up for the newsletter.

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