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In Google Docs, how do I rotate text?

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In Google Docs, how do I rotate text?-GadgetAny
Google Docs

There isn’t a built-in way to rotate text in Google Docs, but there is a workaround you can utilize. You may create a text box and rotate the text inside of it using the Drawing tool in Docs. We’ll demonstrate how to carry it out. You can freely rotate your text (the text box) using the rotation option of the Drawing tool. After doing so, you can include the resulting text in your document.

Text editing in Google Docs Open Google Docs in a web browser on your PC to begin the procedure. The document in which you wish to rotate your text after logging into your account. Put the cursor in the desired location when your document opens to add the rotated text. Then select Insert > Drawing > New from the menu bar of Google Docs.

Google Docs

It will open a “Drawing” window. Next, select the “Text Box” tool (represented by the icon of a box with a “T” in it) from the toolbar items at the top.
Draw a text box onto the empty canvas. Next, click the box and type your text there. After typing the text, a blue dot will appear at the top of your text field. Rotate your text box by clicking and dragging this dot. The bubble can be moved either up or down.

When your text is rotated in the desired direction, add it to your document by clicking “Save and Close” in the drawing window’s upper right corner.
Your rotated text will appear on the document screen.

Google Docs

The end of that – Later, double-click the text box to open the “Drawing” window and adjust the rotation there. Now you may drag the blue dot to change the rotation choices for your parcel. Click the box to reveal the options if you want to see other things you can do with your text box. And that is how you use the Drawing tool in Google Docs to alter the direction of your text.

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