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Inception Spinning Top- This Toy Break Records by Spinning for More than Four Hours.

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Inception Spinning Top- This Toy Break Records by Spinning for More than Four Hours.-GadgetAny
Inception Top

(Image credit- Yanko Design)

One of the earliest and most well-known toys is the spinning top, which is believed to have originated in China in 1250 BCE.

Undoubtedly, spinning tops have advanced substantially since then and have developed into newer, more fascinating variations of their forerunners. But have you ever seen one that spins nonstop for hours on end instead of just seconds? If not, introduce yourself to LIMBO.

What is Inception Spinning Toy?

The spinning time of this stunning CNC-crafted top is +4 hours. The sleek and sparkling spinning top defies the rules of physics by spinning like an elegant ballerina for hours on end. It is designed to completely mystify you and leave you wondering whether you’re awake or dreaming.

This sleek 'Inception Top' is a world-record-setting toy that spins for more than 4 hours - Yanko Design
Image credit – Yanko Design

Since LIMBO doesn’t require a particular base and can spin on surfaces that other tops can’t even contemplate spinning on, it is amazing to see. LIMBO’s spinning abilities are highly adaptable, allowing it to spin on the most unusual surfaces and letting you test them by placing it on a full range of various surfaces, from a coin to even the tip of your finger.

Also,  LIMBO set the Guinness World Record for the longest mechanical top spin. This top spun for 27:09:24 hours under nearly ideal conditions in a remarkably controlled atmosphere.

Stunning Features:

LIMBO is made from premium-grade metal using CNC, high polish, and powder coating, so it doesn’t skimp on quality at all. Its stainless steel razor tip gives it a smooth, effortless spin, outstanding longevity, and the capacity to spin for hours on end.

The Inception spinning top can spin steadily at 1000 RPM thanks to the angular momentum provided by LIMBO’s specially designed motor. It spins over lengthy periods of time because it is a creative, self-balancing electric gyro while appearing to be a lovely spinning top. It has a 3.7-volt rechargeable battery that can power LIMBO for more than 4 hours after 40 minutes of charging.

This Inception-inspired Top Can Spin For An Entire Day! - Yanko Design
Image credit – Yanko Design

The beauty of spinning tops is transient. A spinning top only dances for a few seconds, maybe a few minutes, just like a snowflake dance in the sky before falling to the ground.

LIMBO is a significant improvement over traditional spinning tops in this regard since it turns those few moments of mesmerizing motion into hours of engaging motion that you may view whenever you like. It gives you plenty of time to unwind and clear your thoughts while also enabling you to return to LIMBO when you feel like working again.

LIMBO’s excellence is that it goes beyond just a simple desktop toy. It is not only a popular culture reference to Christopher Nolan’s film Inception, but it is also a fairly amazing device in and of itself, capable of spinning for hours.

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It’s the kind of item that causes others to take notice of it, speak about it, and interact with it frequently. People are totally mystified at how the LIMBO dances on and on without even breaking a sweat as seconds pass into minutes, which develop into hours.

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