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Incorrect Passcode: Can You Trust Your iPhone Passcode to Keep Your Data Safe

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Image : 91 Mobiles Our phones are our lifelines and there is no doubt that we are dependent on our phones for almost everything. In such cases, if we were to lose our iPhones or the data saved in our phones, it could be a major risk. Recently, a journalist- Joanna Stern- published a report stating how thieves are not only stealing iPhones but also the data saved inside them. Your iPhones contain sensitive data and communication history, as well as, bank details, etc. that are secured via a six-digit passcode. You’d think that would be enough to keep your data safe, but no, your data is way more vulnerable than you assume. If you are in close range, a thief can easily look over your shoulder to read your passcode. Nowadays, thieves and dacoits work as a group and assign different tasks to each other to pull off a successful heist. And voila! Just like that strangers have access to your bank accounts, credit cards, debit cards, messages, photos, and more. This same code also allows them to lock you out of your accounts and remove other devices from the Find My network and Find My tracking altogether that locks you out of all your connected devices. You might have just lost your iPhone, but now you are unable to use your iPad or Mac either. You lose access to years of memories, photos, messages, and more.  Although Apple does not have any features to counter these issues, you can take a few steps to protect your iPhone.  
  • Cover your screen in public. According to law enforcement authorities, thieves devise clever ways to learn people’s passcodes, including filming them from afar.
  When you’re out, rely on Face ID or Touch ID whenever possible to prevent sneaky eyes. In cases where you have to type it, treat your passcode like an ATM PIN. Don’t type the code in front of strangers.  
  • Strengthen your passcode. Use at least six digits and make it complex. Longer passcodes are harder to read over the shoulder. Change over to alphanumeric passcodes. Go to Settings > Face ID & Passcode > Change Passcode. When selecting a new passcode, tap Passcode Options > Custom Alphanumeric Code. 
  • Enable additional protection. Some apps let you add a password. Use a passcode different from the one on your iPhone.
  • Don’t keep financial information on your iPhone. Check your gallery, notes, and messages and delete all information related to banking. This includes bank details, credit cards, debit cards, social security number, etc. 

By Awanish Kumar

I keep abreast of the latest technological developments to bring you unfiltered information about gadgets.


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