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Huge 22% Price Drop For Sony LinkBuds S, Grab Prime Day Offer Now

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Huge 22% Price Drop For Sony LinkBuds S, Grab Prime Day Offer Now-GadgetAny
sony linkbuds s

Sony launched the LinkBuds S in May this year at around $199.99. And now, the wireless earbuds are available with a superb discount on Amazon just ahead of Prime Day, which begins on July 12. They are now priced at $157, a 22% drop from their regular price. In addition, the discount is applicable for both the white and black variants. 

Details of LinkBuds S 

Sony gave the LinkBuds S a more traditional closed design instead of an open wear format of the standard LinkBuds. In addition, the wireless earphones have active noise cancellation (ANC) technology. The company boasts that the latest model is smaller and lighter than other earbuds with ANC. 

Furthermore, the LinkBuds S also possesses a passthrough/transparency mode, allowing listeners to hear “natural” ambient sound. Also, it has an Adaptive Sound Control feature. Thus, the earphones can learn users’ preferences over time and automatically adjust the sound settings according to their location or activity. 

sony linkbuds s

Moreover, the wireless earphones contain 5mm drivers. Sony claims these drivers offer “powerful bass and stunningly clear vocals.” Additionally, the company wants to enhance the sound quality and ANC and reduce distortion with the Integrated Processor V1. Besides that, the LinkBuds S also supports high-resolution audio. The reason for that is Sony’s LDAC codec and DSEE Extreme upscaling. 

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Most importantly, the LinkBuds S supports the Speak-to-Chat feature. Therefore, they will automatically detect a user’s voice. Consequently, they will pause the ongoing audio and switch to passthrough mode when users start talking. In addition, they possess an Auto Play feature. Thus, the earphones can play or resume audio depending on users’ activity. But, the feature is only compatible with Spotify and Endel. 

Additionally, the LinkBuds S is IPX4 water-resistant and has built-in Alexa. Plus, they last up to six hours if ANC is on and 14 hours with the charging case. Lastly, due to a quick-charge function, users get almost an hour of listening time after just five minutes of charging. 

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