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#Insta to bring test ads and launch ‘Reminder Ads’

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#Insta to bring test ads and launch ‘Reminder Ads’-GadgetAny

Image Credit: Meta-Facebook

Meta, the tech wonder behind Facebook and Instagram, is set to initiate two new tools on Instagram in order to provide more opportunities for advertising. This move comes as the company struggles with a dearth of demand for advertising. The social networking site revealed that it has started experimenting with search result ads to extend to users who are looking for businesses, goods, and content. When a person taps into a post from a search result, advertisements will appear in the feed that they can peruse.

Image Source: Business Today

In the next few months, following the testing phase, Meta intends to launch ads in search results globally. From the user’s perspective, the forced introduction of the ads will probably be an undesirable addition to the infamous app as it will usher in advertisements to yet another segment of the social network.

With the implementation of ad placement, users from all across the globe will start to view ads related to their searches. For instance, searching for “Korean Skincare Products” will ensue relevant search result feeds apropos to your search. Moreover, a “Sponsored” mark next to the account name indicates which posts are advertisements and which ones are ordinary posts.

Reminder Ads is another feature that Instagram is also launching to make it simpler for companies to alert, remind, and notify customers of upcoming events or product launches that might be of their interest. Reminder Ads have been designed by Meta to assist advertisers in raising awareness and interest in impending activities. Users have the option to get three Instagram notifications and reminders– the day before the event or launch, 15 minutes beforehand, and at the moment of the event or launch. Reminder Ads are now available in feeds for all advertisers. These new launches can be seen as potential tools to generate more revenue at a time when Meta has been seeing a decline in ad sales.

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