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Instacart Added OpenAI's ChatGPT Chatbot Technology To Its Mobile App

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Grocery delivery firm Instacart has added OpenAI's ChatGPT chatbot technology to its mobile app. This makes Instacart one of several companies that have started utilizing lifelike artificial intelligence (AI) language technology to enhance their automated marketing, customer service, and other activities. Additionally, the San Francisco-based business said on March 1 that a chatbot would be used to power a new search engine that would respond to clients' questions regarding food. These requests can be for recipe ideas, resources, or recommendations for nutritious meal alternatives. Furthermore, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports that Instacart stated it will be utilizing ChatGPT's language software to convert search engine results into a discussion as opposed to a standard list of results. Later this year, the "Ask Instacart" feature will also be made available. Shopping for food necessitates a lot of planning and preparation, claims JJ Zhuang, lead architect of Instacart. Because they include a lot of cognitive loads, decision-making factors including family budgets, health and nutrition implications, seasonal food, culinary skills, and meal preparation timeframes are all examples of the best usage scenarios for smart AI. Instacart's AI engine, according to him, would be connected with ChatGPT to give users access to information about the more than 1.5 million items that 75,000 grocery stores in its partner network carry. According to Zhuang, the software integration is testing the limits of what can be done by incorporating ChatGPT into the Instacart app. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="710"]The software integration is testing the limits of what can be done by incorporating ChatGPT into the Instacart app Image credit: Forbes[/caption]

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Instacart estimated a 16% rise in sales volume to $29 billion in 2022 from $20 billion in 2021, according to a message distributed to employees on Tuesday, Feb. 28. In addition, it generated adjusted profits before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization of more than $100 million in the fourth quarter. Also, in order to expand ChatGPT's reach, OpenAI, a 2015 San Francisco software company, has made ChatGPT's interaction with other programs simpler. Greg Brockman, president, chairman, and co-founder of OpenAI claimed that this makes it possible for businesses like Instacart to create solutions based on ChatGPT's capabilities. He referred to OpenAI as a developer platform with a "killer app" available. Moreover, on Wednesday, OpenAI updated its application programming interface (API), adding protocols for integrating the most recent AI models into ChatGPT and Whisper, the company's speech-recognition software. Additionally, the AI company profits by continually refining and improving the algorithm by sending user data back into its AI models. Businesses have had the option to prevent OpenAI from using their data in this manner since Wednesday, though. On another note, from November 2022, various ChatGPT-integrated business uses have been born from OpenAI's ChatGTP interface. In other news, using the ChatGPT API, Snap introduced its My AI chatbot on Tuesday. Microsoft, an investor in OpenAI, added the chatbot to Bing last month. The AI bot is also being tested by Shopify, a developer of e-commerce websites. However, Brockman emphasized the necessity for businesses to consider the dangers involved with the ChatGPT applications they plan to utilize. Giving medical or personal advice can put you in risky positions, he added.

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