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Instagram Bug: iOS Users Crash the App Upon App Launch – Already Fixed?

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A platform fault caused the Instagram app to break for a number of iPhone users, according to reports. Furthermore, Twitter users used the hashtag #InstagramCrash to vent their frustration. Users who tap the icon to launch the app will only see the launch screen for about two seconds before the app crashes again. According to a spokeswoman for Meta, the bug has since been resolved and did not significantly impact many users.  However, the platform did not provide any explanations for the bug. HITC claims that although some users tagged the Meta and Instagram official accounts on Twitter during the outage, the firm made no response. The fact that the bug was discovered by NotebookCheck during the rollout of the v255.0 version suggests that it may have been caused by this.  Instagram According to the report, some users who are still running iOS 15 were able to utilize the app without any issues. Rebooting the phone was tried by users, but it had no effect. Some users reinstalled the software in the interim; fortunately, this approach was successful for them. Also Read: Update Will Solve Faulty Camera Bug In iPhone14 Pro And Pro Max, Apple Says When the platform's server went down in May of this year. The previous bug only differs from the current one in that it had a significant user impact. Users couldn't completely access the information in their feed; they could only see it. The "Welcome to Instagram" message appeared for some users, but no images, stories, or reels were loaded during that time. The issue did not get solved right away.  While some customers have already reported that their service is operational once again, others are still experiencing problems. According to the report from Instagram via Down Detector, the issue, which lasted for several hours, was referred to as an "intermittent outage."

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