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Instagram is Inspired From TikTok – New Test For Its Feed

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Instagram is Inspired From TikTok – New Test For Its Feed-GadgetAny
full-screen mode - Instagram

Recent reports state that Instagram is testing a new full-screen mode for its feed. In addition, the platform is updating its navigation bar to make content more discoverable and immersive. Also, Seine Kim, a Meta spokesperson, revealed that the test is currently only available to a limited number of Instagram users. Interestingly, the test is the company’s effort to one-up TikTok in the social video niche. 

Furthermore, the full-screen mode will enable users to see videos almost full screen as they scroll through their feed. Besides, the description and buttons for likes and comments will appear at the screen’s bottom. And the Instagram logo and other top buttons will float above the top of the screen. 

 full-screen mode - Instagram

Moreover, Meta had already previously experimented with the full-screen mode on its feed. In addition, last month, it tested a design to highlight videos. But, it still retained the white bars on the top and bottom of the screen. Plus, it never modified the main navigation bar at the bottom. On another note, Meta plans to test shortcuts for creating a post or message in the main navigation bar. 


As mentioned above, the new full-screen mode is another way Instagram intends to try and compete with TikTok. “Photos are still an essential part of Instagram,” says Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg in his story about the test. He revealed that the company is working on making photos more compatible with a full-screen mode feed. However, he had made it clear before that still images are not the focus of Instagram anymore. Besides that, Meta is also upgrading the algorithms for Facebook and Instagram feeds to fit how younger generations use social networks. Hence, Meta’s competitiveness with and to be more like TikTok goes deeper than just upgrading its feed to include a full-screen mode. 

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