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Instagram Mutes Reels Audio When Download Them and Post on TikTok

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Instagram Mutes Reels Audio When Download Them and Post on TikTok-GadgetAny

Instagram seems to be wary of users who make reels on Instagram and head off to TikTok, so the app has likely removed the feature.

It was discovered that a downloaded video on iPhone came without audio. So if you want to post reels in any other app, you first need to post the spin on Instagram. Only then can you send it to any other app. This feature was available even in July without having to post it first.

The export is still possible with android devices, but three iPhones came with the audio stripped. From the creator’s perspective, TikTok does not have advanced settings and does not allow you to use the features when the film is made outside the app. The app does not even allow you to download content that is not complete or labeled.

To get better effects, TikTok users can switch to Instagram, which has similar reels like the green screen effect, which is much easier and more effective. You can then download the edited clip and post it on TikTok. This was the standard procedure followed by the creators to get the tools for editing only Instagram offers.

Downloaded Instagram videos were one of the easiest and most successful ways to create good content for TikTok using all the filters. However, the new change makes the creators spend a lot of time. Now they have two options: upload on Instagram Reels or rely on TikTok’s bad quality editing tool.

This change seems to be Instagram walking back on TikTok style rules. And also, this step is a sign of Instagram being firm on climbing to make its position felt in short video platforms.

Even upon multiple requests to Instagram to clarify this ongoing issue, they have remained silent.

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