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Instagram will restrict sensitive content by default for teen users

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Instagram has revealed that it will default limit the platform's sensitive content for new teen users. As per reports, Teenagers on Instagram will already get push notifications "encouraging" them to choose the rectification on what the algorithm shows them across Search, Reels, Explore, Hashtag Pages, Feed Recommendations, and Suggested Accounts. However, the "Standard" setting option in Instagram only lets users see some content tagged sensitive. At the same time, the "Less" option reinforce the restrictions further, and the "More" option enables users to view more sensitive content or accounts than the default settings.  Meanwhile, Instagram users over 18 years old usually have access to "Standard," "Less," and "More," teenagers recently only have access to "Standard" and "Less." Instagram first launched its "Less" option in June. After about a week, it started rolling out a feature in the United States and other countries to recommend that users under 16 years check out other content if they spend too much time on one particular topic. In addition, Instagram is examing prompts for teens that propose limiting who can connect with their content. The test will facilitate them to review privacy and security settings, like who can spread their content, direct message them, the type of content they can see, and time management. In July 2021, the "Sensitive Content Control" feature launched on Instagram; the filter was meant to keep users from recognizing potentially harmful and "inappropriate" material suggested on the Explore page. Although, the feature was met with counteraction from many people in the art world, sex workers, tattoo artists, and the hashish industry since they could be eliminated from the feed of suggestions if their accounts or content were to languish.  Substantially, in the Help Center, Instagram illustrated what it sees as sensitive content, including posts portraying violence or sexually explicit or promotional. In March, Instagram introduced parental controls on the platform to let its users feel secure experience. For example, it allows parents and guardians to check out their child's activity on Gram, including the time spent on the app.

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