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Internet shutdown in 2022 costs around $10 billion to the global economy

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Internet shutdown in 2022 costs around $10 billion to the global economy-GadgetAny

According to the reports, the internet shutdown by the government in several parts of the world in 2022 will cost the global economy around $10 billion. The central portion of $10 billion is recorded from Russia, which cost the global economy approximately $8.7 billion due to the internet blackout after it invaded Ukraine in February.

The report released on Tuesday stated that there have already been more internet shutdowns in the six months of 2022 compared to the entire 2021. The figure is double the cost of 2021, the report further added.

So far this year, Top10VPN has tracked government shutdowns in 16 countries, which is expected to cost $10.6 billion compared to $5.45 billion in 50 significant shutdowns last year.

However, the government focused on three types of internet shutdowns:

  1. Internet blackouts: In this type of shutdown, internet users cannot connect to any services, like downloading videos and browsing.
  2. Social media shutdowns: In this type of shutdown, the government only bans the social media services like Twitter, Instagram, and so on for peaceful protest.
  3. Severe throttling: In this type of internet shutdown, mobile networks can only transmit voice calls and text messages, and uploading any controversial videos is prohibited. 

InternetMoreover, other reasons for the internet shutdown are in Sudan, Syria, and Algeria to stop students from cheating in exams. However, this is the non-conflict shutdown clamped by the government, which costs more than $6 million daily to the global economy.

According to VPN researchers, in early 2022, it is predicted that the cost of an internet shutdown will be continuously fluctuating as the government is hoping to restrict online services during conflicts.

Additionally, last month, the United Nations said to the companies not to follow the order of the government to limit human rights. In May, the UN recommended that “companies explore all lawful measures to challenge the implementation of disruptions.”

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