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iOS 16 Fitness - A Whole Host of New Features on Your iPhone

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Apart from the other enhancements that iOS 16 brings to iPhones, new in-built apps are making way with the next significant update to Apple’s own phone software. The inclusion of new features is going to motivate the fitness freak inside you.  Fitness is the new major addition to iOS 16, featuring an in-built tool for your iPhone to track your movement throughout the day. An activity ring in the fitness app demonstrates your progress in meeting your movement goals and allows you to earn achievements as you do so. Also, you can share your activity with your loved ones, which can motivate you to meet your fitness goals.  This feature will sound quite familiar to anyone who owns Apple wearables. Watch wearers are already using this app on their smartwatches and can download a companion version of Fitness to their iPhones to get a larger-screen view of their movements and workouts. So in that way, Fitness isn't entirely as new as one might believe. iOS 16 Fitness One of the remarkable advantages is that, as of iOS 16, you don't need an Apple Watch to use Fitness anymore. Now it's available for any iPhone running Apple's software update. And if you have already downloaded the iOS 16 public beta, you can try out Fitness right now, without any watch requirement.  If the pandemic era has put on some extra weight on you and you have moved towards a sedentary lifestyle, then the inclusion of the Fitness app to every iOS 16-capable iPhone fits within Apple's recent interest to take the users’ fitness level up a notch.

How to Set up iOS 16 Fitness

Getting started with Fitness app is quite easy. Simply launch the app, hit Continue on the following splash screens, and then follow the prompts to provide the Fitness app with all necessary details. The most important thing you may need to set is your move goal — which is how many calories you wish to burn every day.

What the iOS 16 Fitness App Tracks

The Fitness app includes sensors on the iPhone that can calculate the number of steps you take, which can be used to track how close you are to your Move goal. Also, you can measure the distance traveled and the calories burnt on a particular day by going into the activity section in the Summary tab of the Fitness app. iOS 16 Fitness app To get more insights into your activity, tap on that area of the screen, and you will get a breakdown of movement on an hourly basis. At the top of the screen, there's a weekly view of how close you came to filling your move ring and a calendar icon you can tap to track a more backdated view of your performance. On this screen, you'll also see that the Fitness app tracks the flights of stairs you climb. There is no certainty regarding the accuracy of this feature.  Below the Activity section of the Summary screen, you’ll see how you’re trending in four categories – your movement goal (in terms of calories per day), the distance walked each day, and your walking and running speed.

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