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iOS 16 New Features: Things You Couldn’t Do Before the update

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iOS 16 New Features: Things You Couldn’t Do Before the update-GadgetAny
iPhone adds genius new trick

iOS 16 is now available and rolling out to iPhones all across the world after months of previews and betas. Here is a summary of some of the major or little changes that can significantly alter how you use your smartphone once you’ve securely installed it on your device and are ready to learn about all the new capabilities available to you.

iOS 16 New Features

Add widgets to multiple lock screens

Google's iOS 16 Lock Screen Widget Is Now Available

With the release of iOS 16 new features, the lock screen has undergone a significant overhaul. You can now add your preferred widgets to it, and you can save multiple lock screen configurations and switch between them as needed. To manage your lock screens and set the wallpaper and various widget combinations displayed on each one, press and hold on the display while the lock screen is active. Then select Customize.

Change how lock screen notifications are shown

lock screen notifications
Image: IDG

You now have additional options over how notifications are shown when they arrive, staying with the lock screen: Select Notifications from the Settings menu, then pick one of three modes. The Stack option collects alerts from the same app, but the Count option only displays the total amount of unread notifications. The last option, List, is how alerts were displayed in earlier iOS iterations.

Edit and unsend messages

Edit and unsend messages
Image: Apple

The ability to amend texts sent through iMessage via the Messages app (up to five revisions per message) or to totally unsend messages is one of the most notable new capabilities this time around (you get two minutes of thinking time). When you long press a message in a chat, the Edit and Undo Send options will show up on the screen, allowing you to make changes to the message you just sent or send it back to the ether. Recipients who are not using iOS 16 will still be able to view your draft or unsent messages; they will just receive a new message after each edit.

Bring back recently deleted messages

Bring back recently deleted messagesac
Image: 9to5mac

The Messages app now has the ability to restore conversations that have been deleted within the last 30 days. This feature functions somewhat similarly to the Mac’s Trash folder and gives you an additional measure of protection before messages are permanently deleted. Open the Messages app, select Edit from the menu, and then select Show Recently Deleted. Any of the listed message threads can be restored from the following screen, or you can permanently delete them.

Set up filters in Focus mode

Set up filters in Focus mode
Image: 9to5mac

In iOS 16, there are several improvements to the Focus function, including the option to configure filters in specific applications like Messages, Mail, and Calendar to reduce the amount of distractions you have to deal with. By selecting Focus from the Settings menu, you may choose Add Filter to achieve precisely that: For instance, you can easily restrict the number of calendars displayed in the Calendar app or hide specific email accounts in the Mail app.

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