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iOS 16 will let users customize alert sounds

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iOS 16 will let users customize alert sounds-GadgetAny
iOS 16

iOS 16 is bringing a lot of significant updates with its arrival. One of them, and probably much-needed, will be allowing users to customize their alert sounds on iPhones. That way, their devices will feel more personal and become fun for users. Here’s how to customize alert sounds for ringtones, mail, texts, and calendar –

  • Open Settings and go to Sounds & Haptics.
  • Users need to click on the task with the alert tone they want to change.
  • After that, scroll down to select from a list of ringtones or alert tones.
  • There is a Classic sub-menu at the bottom of each of these lists. To find vintage sounds, click on that tab. 

However, users will not be able to customize alert sounds for an alarm from this menu. For that, they need to follow these steps –

  • Go to the Clock app
  • Then, users need to click on the alarm they want to change
  • Select Sound

iOS 16

After this, the same list of ringtones will appear as before, including the Classic ones. In addition, an option to Pick a song through Apple Music will also appear with both the methods. However, alert tones will not appear as they cannot be used for alarms. 

Customizing ringtones

It is always exciting for users to hear a song they like when their phone rings. Fortunately, customizing ringtones still exists. Users can download their favorite sounds and song clips from the iTunes store to use as ringtones for alarms and alerts. Here’s how –

  • Open the Sound options in the Clock app to change the alarm sound. And to the Sounds & Haptics in the Settings for other alert sounds.
  • After that, users need to choose the alert they want to change.
  • At the top of the page, there’s a Tone Store tab, tap on it.
  • Doing so will open an iTunes store where users can choose the Tones they want

In the iTunes store, users will get a lot of options. However, they should note that not all of them are for free. Unfortunately, song clips cost $1.29, and audio clips cost 99 cents.

What’s more

Furthermore, there are also various exciting options on the Apple-curated “featured” page. It will consist of whatever song is popular on TikTok at the moment. But, users can also choose the tunes of their choice from their favorite movies for customizing their ringtones through these steps –

  • Click on the search icon in the bottom menu bar.
  • Then, users need to type their search terms.
  • After that, users will see the results under the Songs and Albums categories at the top. However, they need to look for options under the Ringtones label.
  • Click on the thumbnail image. It will play a preview. 
  • Tap the price to pay with the Apple account.

Users will also get an option to set the new tone as their default ringtone, text tone, or assign it to a contact. However, they can ignore this if they wish, tap on Done, and pay the $1.29 charge. Furthermore, users can access all their purchased tones from the Download All Purchased Tones at the top of the ringtones list. 

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