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iOS 17 to Bring Mood Tracker and Health App for iPad with AI-Based Health Coaching Service in the Pipeline

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iOS 17 to Bring Mood Tracker and Health App for iPad with AI-Based Health Coaching Service in the Pipeline-GadgetAny
iOS 17

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According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, there will be a number of new health-related features in the iOS 17 update that Apple expects to unveil in June. Along with adding the Health app on the iPad for the first time, there will be a feature for tracking mood.

Apple has had a health app for a long time, but it has only ever been accessible via the iPhone. This may change with the release of iOS 17. Users would get additional screen space to examine health indicators, EKG readings, medications, lab test results from doctors, and more using the iPad’s Health app. Apple wants to increase the Health app’s appeal in medical settings, where tablets are frequently used.

Apple wants to release a new emotion tracker that will allow users to keep tabs on their mood, answer questions about their day, and view the results over time in addition to bringing the Health app to the iPad. In the future, algorithms might analyze a user’s speech patterns, their typing, and other data to determine their mood, but Apple will start with mood tracking.

The journaling app that was rumored last week will not be combined with the mood tracking feature that Apple has planned for the Health app in iOS 17. Gurman claims that the journaling app won’t be a health feature but rather an addition to Find My and other location-based services since Apple wants to increase Find My’s social networking capabilities.

iOS 17
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New options for managing vision problems including nearsightedness are also expected to be added to the Health app. According to prior rumors, Apple’s upcoming AR/VR headset would have health-related features including a meditation software that guides users through relaxing meditations.

Apple will add a new health coaching service to its lineup of wellness products the following year. The AI-based solution, code-named Quartz, will assist in motivating users to increase their fitness, dietary habits, and sleep quality. Apple intends to charge a monthly fee for the service, which would use data from the Apple Watch to provide customized coaching programs and ideas. Gurman warns that even though the service is scheduled to launch in 2024, it could be “cancelled or postponed.”

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Other significant future health initiatives from Apple include noninvasive glucose monitoring and blood pressure monitoring for the Apple Watch, both of which the company has been developing for a long time.

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