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IPhone 14 camera images leaked before launch and It is huge!!

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IPhone 14 camera images leaked before launch and It is huge!!-GadgetAny
iPhone 14
A 48MP module with 8K video recording capabilities is due for the iPhone 14 Pro. However, a recent leak indicates that the improved performance will result in a larger camera increase.

According to mysterious blogger yeux1122 (via 9to5mac), who claims to have located an authentic iPhone 14 Pro cover, when the new phone is placed on top of the iPhone 13 Pro, it appears to expose just how much larger the camera on the iPhone 14 Pro might be.

IPhone 14 camera-Gadgetany
IPhone 14 camera-9to5mac

Yeah. Not quite beautiful.

Not merely the camera “island” has grown in size. The iPhone 14 Pro might include bigger lenses, a bigger flash, and a bigger LIDAR scanner if the source is accurate. Even though a huge selfie camera has been mentioned, it is not visible in these pictures.


Of course, this last-minute leak’s advantage is that it appears to validate rumours that the iPhone 14 Pro would feature a record-breaking ultrawide-angle lens and significantly enhance video recording and low-light photography.

Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, had said the following: “The wide camera was upgraded to 48MP (from 12MP on the 13 Pro/Pro Max), which is primarily responsible for the 14 Pro/Pro Max’s larger and more pronounced rear-camera hump. The height of the 48MP 7P lens will increase by 5–10%, while the diagonal length of the 48MP CIS will expand by 25–35%.”

Will the modified camera on the iPhone 14 Pro appear as hideous as it does in these leaked pictures? Will it be capable of receiving texts in case of emergency through satellite? And will there be more starting storage than the iPhone 13?

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