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iPhone 14 Pro is in the news for its new notch-free design

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The screen protector shows cutouts to confirm the notch is a thing of past The launch of the iPhone 14 is planned for about a month. The rumors have made ample space about the phone. With Ice Universe, the notch will be a thing of the past. Since the 2017s iPhone X, the notch has been a fixture. All iPhones have it; even in SE models, it is present. Now, it is also present in Macbooks and the latest iPad Pro. However, despite debuting on the 2017s flagship iPhone, top-end 2022 models will be the first to use it. There are rumors that iPhone 14 Pro will ditch the notchback even before the iPhone 13 appears. However, they have solidified it, and the consensus says that it will be replaced with two cutouts, one pin hole for the camera, and another pill-shaped area for face ID tech. Ice Universe has become better at recording these things and has shared another news how does a screen protector designed for the iPhone 14 Pro, cutouts and all? Cutouts are familiar now, and it is strange to see them in the form of a screen protector. Two cutouts are given to allow the camera to be set up to function. The cutouts are large to prove more division than a notch, and at least it has familiarity on this side at this point. iPhone 14   The new look is more distracting than high-end Android handsets. Android devices don't cater the FaceID technology, so a small hole for the camera works for these devices. However, Android phone makers have discovered innovative ways to hide front-facing lenses. Also, they have experimented with camera placing and pop-up mechanisms in phones. But both approaches have their drawbacks. Pop up tool includes extra elements to break or fill with dust; however, it adds to the device's weight under the screen, cameralike to the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3's internal panel.  This approach will be appreciated if Apple takes up these, knowing the unpopularity of the notch. However, we must understand that the branding is so strong that the sale will take place even if nothing changes on the phone. Other brands also copied notch after iPhone X and Airpod, which looked weird initially, but now various brands are making these.  Apart from the rumors, we must wait for the Apple event, where all the questions will be answered.  

By Awanish Kumar

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