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iPhone 15 will allow you to strict charge limit to 80%

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Image credit : Macworld iPhone 15 has rolled out a new feature that lets you strict your charge limit to 80%. Also, with  the iOS 17 update this handy feature will be available on the new devices as well. Moreover, they share more information regarding the battery health of the iPhone 15 users.  As shared by Ray Wong on X (formerly Twitter), iPhone 15 models offer a separate section to show more info regarding the battery health. For example, users can now verify it when the battery component was made and when it was used first. The flagship device will also show the battery cycle count implying the users will be able to know how many times they have charged the battery from 0 to 100%.  This Optimized Battery Charging setting stops charging at 80% during your regular charging times and then it will go on to charge the rest of the 20% just before you’re supposed to remove the phone from the charging outlet. The device will be able to do so by learning your charging habits. This provision has been made with a view to improve battery lifespan. [caption id="attachment_193949" align="aligncenter" width="1600"]iphone-13-charging Image credit : 9to5Mac[/caption] On all iPhone 15 models, there are three options under Settings → Battery → Battery Health & Charging → Charging Optimization: However, you still have the option to go without charging limits to get your device fully charged every time you plug it to the outlet. But charging the device completely every time can impact your battery life leading to the reduction of the battery's overall peak capacity. In simple words, charging your device from 0 to 100% every time can drain your battery faster in the long run.  Also read : iPhone 15 Pro Models Hit Peak Power Delivery at 27W Charging Speeds. 35W Charging Was Just A Rumor? Initially, when users discovered the 80% charging limit on the iPhone 15, there was speculation that it might be a new feature specific to iOS 17. However, it has since been verified that this feature is not present on other phones using the newly launched software. Older iPhone models still retain the option to enable or disable Optimized Battery Charging, just as they did before. Unfortunately, these handy features are only limited to iPhone 15 models and it is still uncertain whether this feature will make its way to older iPhone models via upcoming software updates. 

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