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Iran Protests: Video Shows Forces Shooting Fleeing Protesters

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Iran Protests: Video Shows Forces Shooting Fleeing Protesters-GadgetAny
Iran Protests

A video depicting Iranian security forces firing at fleeing individuals with a gun mounted on the back of a pickup truck has recently surfaced, according to the BBC. Additionally, in the clip, verified by the BBC Persian service, we can hear bangs as the vehicle chases people in Baneh, Kurdistan Province, Iran.

The escalating protests in Iran

Since last month’s start of the nationwide protests, there has been a harsh crackdown in Kurdistan. According to one human rights organization, more than 200 individuals have died.

Furthermore, as Iran banned the BBC and other independent media to report from inside the nation, it is difficult to determine the exact number of fatalities or casualties. Additionally, Iranian authorities have also severely disrupted the internet.

Iran Protests

However, as of Wednesday, the 201 fatalities reported by the Iran Human Rights Organization in Norway included 23 children. But, the actual toll is thought to be higher.

Moreover, the demonstrations are the biggest since the Islamic Republic’s founding in 1979 and are a serious threat to the regime. More than 110 Iranian cities reported demonstrations, all met with harsh retaliation.

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Cause of protests in Iran

The death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old Kurdish woman, in police detention about a month ago served as the catalyst for the outrage. Iran’s morality police detained Ms. Amini for allegedly breaking the legislation mandating women to wear hijabs, or headscarves, to cover their hair.

Iran Protests

On the one hand, authorities claim she died because of a medical issue. On the other hand, her family disputes this and claims she was healthy before the authorities battered her to death.

Additionally, a large number of recordings from within Iran are circulating, revealing widespread protests and a brutal response by security forces, despite strict internet restrictions and blocking on some social media platforms.

Women have taken a leading role in the protests, defiantly showing up without – or burning – hijabs. In addition, schoolgirls also protested, showing their support by taking off their hijabs and chanting against the regime.

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