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Is Google Photos Preparing for Ultra HDR Compatibility? Code Hints at Upcoming Feature

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(Image credit- Google Families) Google first revealed a backward-compatible Ultra HDR format for Android 14 in May. According to Google, the 10-bit images are automatically produced by the system framework, enabling programs to "seamlessly interoperate with HDR images, displaying them in standard dynamic range as needed." One such app has now come to our attention; code in a recent release of Google Photos indicates that Google is setting up support. Code strings for the Google Photos app, notably version 51.0.561138754, were made public, according to the reports. The app may soon support Ultra HDR, as shown by the code strings. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1202"]Google Photos preps up support for Android 14's Ultra HDR format - SamMobile Image credit- SamMobile[/caption]

What's New?

The last two code strings, according to the report, were EDITOR_ULTRA_HDR_PREVIEW and photos_mediadetails_details_ultra_hdr. Additionally, it is noted that Google Photos' inclusion of Ultra HDR could open up new possibilities. It was highlighted that the addition of Ultra HDR feature for Google Photos could enable the camera app on future Android phones to handle Ultra HDR photography. As per reports, the Pixel 8 devices might be the first cameras to possibly support ultra-high dynamic range photography. The post also previously described how the Ultra HDR capabilities would add a "gain map," which functions as an additional layer of data on top of the basic JPEG image, to the Ultra HDR images. Ulta HD's additional boost to picture quality is equivalent to watching TV in regular SDR with further improvement. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1850"]Google Photos starts adding support for Android 14's upcoming Ultra HDR format Image credit- Android Police[/caption]

Backward compatibility would still be supported by the new Ultra HDR feature

It was mentioned that existing apps are able to process and show Ultra HD images just like they can with standard JPEGs. As a result, users would be able to take pictures with the Ultra HD camera without worrying about how they would be edited or displayed. Additionally, it was discovered that Ultra HDR is backward compatible, which means that images taken with its assistance will still be viewable on apps lacking compatibility with the most recent standard. It was also highlighted that in these apps, the photographs only appear in SDR. Even though the code strings predate the rumored Google Photos app release, the company would still need to formally activate the change before customers could use Ultra HDR. According to the reports, the function might be covertly turned on before Google's next Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro go on sale and the Pixel 8 smartphone will go on sale on October 4. Also read: Google Photos Adds AI-Powered Scrapbook Feature to Help You Relive Your Memories

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