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Is NYC gang targeting gay men? Two people found dead but woke DA Alvin Bragg stays mum on suspicious gang’s act

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Is NYC gang targeting gay men? Two people found dead but woke DA Alvin Bragg stays mum on suspicious gang’s act-GadgetAny
John Umberger (R) & Julio Ramirez

It appears that a dangerous group targeting New York’s LGBT population is preying on travelers at nightlife hotspots before drugging and robbing them, frequently using their own phones to drain their bank accounts.

Despite the fact that it is believed that more than a dozen homosexual men have already been the targets of similar attacks, two gay men were fatally shot five weeks apart in eerily similar circumstances.

Both John Umberger, a 33-year-old political strategist in Washington, DC, and Julio Ramirez, 25, who went missing in April, were out having fun on the city’s gay scene the night before they went missing.

The Daily Mail claims that none of the victims had their telephones with them when their bodies were found. Tens of thousands of dollars were missing from their bank accounts, which had been emptied.

Alvin Bragg, the ostensibly “awake” Manhattan District Attorney, has not commented five months after their murders, and he appears to be “impeding” the investigation. Preying on gay men in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan is the gang’s favored method of operation.

In either case, the victims were seen with three other men exiting a homosexual bar or club. In addition, the LGBT community is still not aware that they should be on the lookout for anything unusual when they go out on a night out.

But one victim’s mother has decided to speak up in an effort to stop other vulnerable young men from suffering the same fate as her son. “The fact that they are targeting gay guys needs to be known, especially in the gay community.

“Numerous young homosexual men in New York have been drugged, robbed, and murdered by the same gang of killers,” claimed Umberger’s mother Linda Clary.

Her son went alone to the multi-story homosexual nightclub The Q NYC after a late meal with friends at Tao Downtown in Chelsea. He last used his credit card there at around three in the morning on Saturday, May 28.

An hour later, three unidentified men were last seen with him in a car outside the Upper East Side townhouse where he was staying after he phoned and ultimately canceled a cab at 3:15 in the morning.

According to video taken from a nearby building, Umberger can be seen stepping out of the car with two of the men who entered the townhouse with him but left without him after about 45 minutes.

Preliminary test results indicate that Umberger and Ramirez overdosed on drugs before passing away. However, insiders assert that a date-rape medication was used to poison the couple’s drinks.

Although the cause of the lengthy delay in receiving test results is yet unknown, the Post reports that Bragg’s office is likely overburdened due to “an unprecedented number of assistant district attorneys’ resignations.”

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