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Is Your Home Wheelchair Accessible? If No, Try These Simple Hacks

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Is Your Home Wheelchair Accessible? If No, Try These Simple Hacks-GadgetAny

Life is highly uncertain; you never know if a person who was once extremely healthy and active suddenly becomes a wheelchair user, but accommodating them in our home is another challenge.

The person may be a visitor or a resident, but you will have to make the home a place for the person to feel welcome without worrying about how he will tread on the steps or if they will be in a position to use the washroom.



If you will have to make arrangements immediately, there is no way you can create elaborate ways to fit in the person who uses a wheelchair. However, there are some simple and quick ways that we are listing below. In addition, South Bay Residential has a specific page for home buyers on being wheelchair friendly.

Door Width: A door should be 32 inches in width for the wheelchair to pass, but a comfortable passage requires at least 36 inches. You will have to remove the trim from the doorway for extra space, which helps a smooth course.

door width for wheelchair access


Depending on the duration of the wheelchair user, a doorway widening can be made if it is for a long time. Offset hinges allow your doors to swing clear from the doorway, which adds up an inch to the passage.

Accessibility To Things: The washroom, kitchen, and bedroom are the most used places in a home. Try to keep things used regularly at the person’s accessible height. For example, a toothbrush, soap, paste, etc., on a low-height stool so that the person does not call you out for assistance or trouble themselves. Keep the washroom dry at all times, as there are chances of slipping. Move the things on the lower shelf in the refrigerator for the person to reach without help.

Accessibility To Things FOR wheelchair access


Keep the Passage Clear: Decorating a house with artifacts and other attractive items is a welcoming act but not when you have a person with a disability to walk. So remove all the things that are coming in the way of the wheelchair.

Remove the rugs that were laid to accentuate the floors as it is difficult for the wheelchair to tread on the carpet; there are chances that the wheels get stuck in the mat and result in tripping over.


Reposition The Lights: Glaring lights are challenging to see for people who use wheelchairs. You can ask the person to note which lights bother them and put them according to how comfortable they are.


Reposition The Lights For wheelchair access

A good bed lamp is customary if the person has a habit of reading. Intelligent switches are handy as you do not have to move each time while putting on or off the lights. In addition, they are reasonably priced and easy to install.

As the saying goes, “treat them how you want them to treat you.”

These steps are simple and can be done without much expenditure or exertion and goes a long way in making the person feel your warmth and concern in accommodating them and their needs. They will feel more at home with these small yet helpful gestures.

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