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It Is Not Wise Enough For Google To Make Foldable Phones

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Photo Credit: PhoneArena Pixel Fold is something we have heard for quite some time now but Google has not made it public, but with the rumors going around, it is starting to feel that Google Fold is a bad idea. It will have a hard time competing with the hardware and software used in Galaxy Z Fold. Adding to this issue is the fact that tablets from Google are not very promising. If rumors are to be believed, the Pixel Fold phone will be rolled out somewhere in late 2023 called Pixel Notepad and will be revealed on May 10th at the I/O conference. But most likely, Bard AI Chatbot will be the main topic due to which Pixel launch may be delayed. Google Pixel Fold - Introduction! - YouTube Photo Credit: YouTube However, there is a lot of information on the foldable phone because of a leak. The phone’s foldable display may be 7.68 inches with the 5.79-inch cover display. Samsung will be manufacturing a foldable inner screen, similar to Samsung Z Fold 4. Also Read: All Info We Have Regarding the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

Hardware is an issue

The popular opinion is that foldable phones are not durable as they are made of plastic due to which breaking and scratching them is easy. Hinges add to the downside as they give in air gaps making dust and water easily accessible. Samsung has put in an excellent five-year to figure out the problem and has come out with a winner with feedback and after spending a lot of money. Samsung’s latest foldable phones are much more sturdy than their predecessors, but even with these improvements, the foldable phones are not that solid. [caption id="attachment_79157" align="alignright" width="1100"]Google Pixel Fold Image: FrontPageTech[/caption]

Issues with Pixel phones

During winter, people who owned Pixel 7 complained about the random shattering of camera lenses, and the Pixel Pro 7’s screen is very easily scratched. Some users stated that their display did not work and others had issues with fingerprint reading. It just proves that there is not much hope for foldable phones from Google.

Tablets were never a strong point for Google

Google announces their tablet with Android and Chrome OS improvement and in a while completely forgets about it. There is a feeling that this kind of attitude may be seen in foldable phones too; foldable phones are just like tablets and the Android OS is not optimized. Also Read: Why We Would Nominate Google Pixel Fold As The Best Foldable Software in the Android tablets from Samsung is pretty good due to the android interface One UI. Samsung does not wait for Google to solve Android problems, they use One UI instead. Google Pixel Foldable


Google phones are good but the best part about these phones is their pricing. For example, Google Pixel 7 starts at $600 and the Pixel 7a is $450 which is almost half of what you would pay for an Apple or a Samsung device. The Pixel Fold phone, the base model is expected to start at $1800 and if you want storage you will have to shell out $2000 or maybe more. In general, foldable phones are a novelty which explains the high price but not many people would go for it as there is a great possibility of it breaking. This puts Google in a more difficult position if they want to sell the $1800 foldable phone at par with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold.

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