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‘It was more personal’: Former sleuth Ted Williams debunks ‘peeping Tom’ theory in University of Idaho killings

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‘It was more personal’: Former sleuth Ted Williams debunks ‘peeping Tom’ theory in University of Idaho killings-GadgetAny
Peeping Tom

The deaths of four University of Idaho students on November 13 were “more personal,” in Ted Williams’ opinion, than a potential “peeping Tom” situation. Ted Williams is a former Washington, DC, detective and a current Fox News contributor. Idaho police are investigating every possibility as to why the four teenage victims, Ethan Chapin, Xana Kernodle, Kaylee Goncalves, and Madison Mogen, were fatally stabbed, despite the fact that they have not yet named any suspects.

The seasoned investigator claims that since the suspect or suspects “took a knife” and attacked four people, it is “very unlikely” that police are “searching for a peeping Tom.” “There is a lot of conjecture around here. There have been some reports of a peeping Tom. I believe law enforcement disregarded all of those, Williams said to Fox News.

This is more personal, Officers were observed searching a steep hill behind the house for potential evidence over the weekend when they briefly expanded the boundaries of the crime scene. The home’s second floor has a door that touches the ground because the structure was built on the hill at the back. Since there is a road and an apartment building at the top of the hill, some residents and grave sleuths have speculated that a foreigner might be hidden inside the house.

University of Idaho students
Four University of Idaho students were brutally murdered because of a personal reason according to a former detective ([email protected] and @xanakernodle)

Authorities are investigating if a peeping On November 20, Tom, a law enforcement source, told Fox News. Aaron Snell, the Idaho State Police’s director of communications, would only say that every idea is being looked at. Williams claims that authorities are carefully examining the available evidence and testing blood for DNA that might not be that of one of the four victims.

“This is still a very active crime scene. If you’ll notice, some of the vehicles are still parked here. The scene is somewhat frozen in time. What law enforcement is doing is: they’re doing a deep scrub of that house,” he said. “The medical examiner…has made it known that there was a great deal of blood in that house, and they’re process[ing] that blood and they’re trying to determine if they can find a DNA match.”

It may take weeks or months to examine such evidence and compile the toxicological results. Authorities are also accumulating data that, should a suspect be detained and charged, could be used in a trial in the future.

“They know the community’s hurting. They know the community wants someone captured yesterday, but law enforcement have to take their time methodically and go over everything in order not only to effectuate and make an arrest but also to prosecute the person who committed these crimes,” Williams said.

The ex-detective cautions, however, that as more time passes, it can get increasingly difficult to identify the murderer. On November 13, at 11:58 a.m., a 911 call reporting an unconscious person sent the Moscow Police Department to the scene for the first time. Authorities later said that the 911 caller thought one of the victims had fainted and would not awaken. Authorities described the incident as “an isolated, targeted strike,” but they did not explain why the killings were isolated.

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