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Jamie Lee Curtis jokes about becoming “a meme forever” after her appearance on RHOBH

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Jamie Lee Curtis jokes about becoming “a meme forever” after her appearance on RHOBH-GadgetAny
Jamie Lee Curtis jokes about becoming "a meme forever" after her appearance on RHOBH

Jamie Lee Curtis is aware that she has turned into a meme in the greatest possible way, and she is totally cool with that! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills included the Everything Everywhere All At Once actress last year when Kyle Richards, a friend and co-star from the Halloween film, hosted an occasion in support of Curtis’ My Hand in Yours charity. However, what happened next became a worldwide meme as a result of cast member Dorit Kemsley referring to the charity’s buyable wind chime as “the chicest.”

Curtis, 64, admitted on Variety’s Awards Circuit podcast, “I’ve never seen the show. I didn’t even see my entire episode. I just saw the meme. The meme that kept on ‘meme-ing.'” She continued, “It became a meme forever.”

Furthermore, Curtis detailed how Richards, 54, inquired about her appearing on RHOBH to talk about My Hand in Yours. She stated, “This is where the meme that Dorit was talking about how chic my wind chime is. That wasn’t a euphemism. I was a peddler. She was so kind and enthusiastic about how chic our products are that I actually renamed the wind chime — the Chic Dorit Wind Chime — on MyHandInYours.com.”

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Jamie Lee Curtis becomes a viral meme after her appearance on RHOBH' 'chicest' wind chime luncheon
Image credit: Bravo TV

More details

Jamie Lee Curtis later made a cameo appearance on the season 12 reunion in October, despite the fact that she said it was simply “a one-off” appearance. Her first appearance on the reality show, however, was in season 4, when she chatted with Richards about their early days of collaboration and the bond that resulted from it.

Moreover, the only part of the Bravo hit Curtis has seen is a shot of Richards crying in the season 12 reunion trailer over the ongoing conflict between her sister Kathy Hilton and series alum Lisa Rinna, which became the subject of her popular meme.

“I’ve never seen an episode of Housewives. I don’t know anything about it, except that I saw a trailer where Kyle was crying,” she admitted in October. “And I called her immediately and said, ‘Why are you crying? What happened?'”

Additionally, in a separate interview, Curtis said, “That was a level of stress and upset that you wanna see in a horror movie out of her, not in a reality TV show.”

Curtis remarked, “I don’t know who made her upset, but I called her out of real concern,” and added that it was “important to me.”

On another note, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 13 premiere date has not been announced, however, all 12 previous seasons are already available for streaming on Peacock.

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