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Jesse James Reacts on pregnant wife Bonnie Rotten’s cheating allegations

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Jesse James Reacts on pregnant wife Bonnie Rotten’s cheating allegations-GadgetAny
Bonnie Rotten story

Jesse James has come forward on social media to defend himself after his expectant wife accused him of infidelity. James shared several images of himself and his fifth wife Bonnie Rotten from earlier in their relationship on Instagram.

“Baby, I swear I didn’t cheat on you!” According to Page Six, James wrote the post’s original caption. “Sorry for the altercation. I’m sorry for calling you a “retard” during our argument. I am aware it didn’t help the matter at all; it only made you angrier. It was inappropriate, immature, and childish. I regret having done that.James acknowledged that Rotten is going through a “tough moment.” I want to be a good person and help us fix everything, he wrote. “I’ve learned from my past errors, and I’ll go to any lengths to win your love and trust while also making you happy. Come home, please. I cherish you. Since then, James has changed the caption to read simply “2022 a love tale in 9 images.

Bonnie Rotten

Allegations made by Bonnie Rotten

Six months after their wedding, Rotten has accused James of infidelity. The former porn star posted a series of since-deleted postings on Instagram detailing her trauma, saying, “Jesse is busy trying to f*** other women while I’m pregnant.” She gave James a call “he was a very repulsive human being, and I’m still saddened by everything he did to me. I noticed that on his Facebook, he was following several girls including his ex. He chooses to act this way despite the fact that I am his pregnant wife. NOT A MAN IS THAT, “She composed.

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