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Jessica Trefethen: the mom who ruthlessly abuses and kills son, 3, tries to shift blame on his sister and pet

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According to reports, a lady who allegedly killed and brutally abused her three-year-old son will now likely serve at least 25 years in prison. On Tuesday, October 18, she received a unanimous conviction on one count of depraved indifference murder. According to reports, the jury deliberated for little about an hour before making its decision. Jessica Trefethen, 36, could receive a term of at least 25 years in prison and as much as life in prison for the June 20, 2021 killing of her son, Maddox, according to Law&Crime. Maddox perished from blunt force injuries after enduring abuse for a significant chunk of his brief life. Maddox was pronounced deceased at Waldo County General Hospital on June 20, 2021. His autopsy found that in addition to other injuries, he also died with a fractured spine, many deep tissue bruising, and internal hemorrhage. According to Dr. Liam Funte, the deputy chief medical examiner for the state of Maine, a blunt-force injury to the victim's abdomen was the cause of death and was consistent with battered-child syndrome. According to Trefethen, Maddox's injuries were caused by being kicked by his older sister, being grabbed by a dog leash, and being pulled into a rock. Dr. Funte also noted that some of Maddox's wounds, such as his two missing front teeth and numerous other wounds in various states of healing, were not as recent as others, providing further proof that Maddox had been subjected to physical abuse. Maddox was not breathing when he was brought to the emergency room, according to hospital workers, and they attempted in vain to revive him for almost an hour. Trefethen Johnson's mother, Sherry Johnson, was accused of obstructing justice in the case by reportedly helping her daughter evade the police following Maddox's passing. According to reports, Johnson admitted to trying to obstruct the police from locating Trefethen even though she knew her daughter would be detained shortly after Maddox's death.

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