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Jung Joong-ji? Controversial ‘Produce 101’ trainee dies by suicide

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Jung Joong-ji? Controversial ‘Produce 101’ trainee dies by suicide-GadgetAny
Jung Joong-ji

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: K-pop idols are rarely involved in scandals, yet occasionally, trainees or idols become involved in problems that completely derail their careers. Jung Joong-ji, a competitor in season 2 of Mnet’s survival show “Produce 101,” is in a similar situation (Jung-ji). Fans realised that the contentious trainee had committed suicide days after his 30th birthday after a now-deleted tweet from his mother went public.

Joong-mother ji’s announced the trainee’s suicide on Twitter on September 19 using the handle @myson12. The post’s caption said, “Hello. I’m the mother of Jung Joong-ji. It breaks my heart to say this, but my son committed suicide.” I can’t even express how I feel right now, she continued. The message states that Jung Joong-ji passed away on September 9.

Who is Jung Joong-ji from Produce 101?Jung Joong-jiJung Joong-ji

The ‘Produce 101’ pupil was dogged by controversy and is said to have sent a suicidal note in 2017 when he initially became involved in a sexual assault scandal. When Joong-ji was scheduled to appear on the Mnet survival show back in 2017. Then, one of his friends said that Jung Joong-ji had improperly grabbed her when the two were in a theatre. Joong-ji then accused his company of fabricating the bizarre sexual assault tale as part of noise marketing. His previous label, though, refuted the claims. Later that year, Yoon Ji-sung of Wanna One was accused of intimidating Jung Joong-ji during the “Produce 101” show, according to Jung Joong-ji.

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