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Just $75 is now the price for the Samsung T7 Shield SSD 1TB version

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Just $75 is now the price for the Samsung T7 Shield SSD 1TB version-GadgetAny
Samsung T7 Shield SSD 1TB version

(Image credit- Samsung)

Reliable and secure data storage is more important than ever as customers enter the world of high-speed data transit.

This is particularly valid for professionals like content producers, photographers, and other photographers who frequently move and handle huge volumes of data.

Customers now anticipate the same portability and simplicity from their storage solutions as they have grown to expect from tablets, phones, and other portable devices. The tough shell of Samsung’s 1TB T7 Shield SSD, which is easily resistant to drops, water, and dust, delivers in spades. 

The T7 Shield boasts quick read/write speeds along with a guarantee of longevity, according to the report, and is currently on sale for $75, a record-low price as part of a bigger Samsung storage sale that also includes savings on NVMe SSDs and microSD cards. 

Portable SSD T7 Shield USB 3.2 1TB (Black) | Samsung India
Image credit- Samsung

The T7 Shield’s distinctive design is what sets it apart. The SSD surpasses the MIL-STD-810G standard and is IP65-rated, which is a certification given to dust and water-resistant gadgets. It can withstand falls of up to 9.8 feet. 

Additionally, the outside is rubberized to provide additional grip and protection from dings and scratches. For those who need trustworthy storage while on the go, such as content creators, the Samsung T7 Shield is the ideal partner. 

The T7 Shield has excellent speeds as well. This solid-state drive is excellent for anyone who needs quick backup rates because it can read at 1,050MB/s and write at 1,000MB/s. The device is available for purchase on Amazon.

This makes it perfect for backing up pictures and videos while out in the field because there is no need to worry about transferring data from memory cards. However, the T7 does not mark the end of the Samsung storage sale. Customers can purchase the SSD from Samsung in addition to Amazon.


A 2TB 980 Pro NVMe drive can be purchased for $140 as part of the sale, saving 13%, and a 256GB EVO Select microSD card and adapter can be purchased for just $18, saving a total of $22 overall. 

Samsung’s 1TB T7 Shield SSD is the ideal option for customers who desire dependable storage, quick transfer speeds, or both. It’s the ideal moment to purchase one of the toughest portable storage solutions available right now, and there are a ton of additional discounts available with the new Samsung storage offer.

Data failure is just not an option for content producers and data professionals who are continuously transferring data on the go. Users may feel happy knowing their data will be safe and secure even if it falls by storing it in a robust and waterproof drive like the T2 Shield. 

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It is simple to understand why experts and regular people are purchasing Samsung’s T7 Shield external SSD given its record-low pricing.


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