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Kakao CEO Resigns After Outage Affects 53 Million Users Worldwide

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The co-CEO of Kakao, Whon Namkoong, has formally resigned from his position as a result of a fire that damaged the company's data center.  The problem is said to have affected 53 million users worldwide, leading to the greatest outage in the South Korean messaging app's history. Following the outage that occurred over the weekend, Namkoong Whon said that he will step down as the current co-CEO of Kakao, according to CNBC. Whon apologized to the affected customers for the service outage prior to his resignation. At a press conference on October 19, Namkoong stated, "I feel the tremendous burden of responsibility over this catastrophe and will stand aside from my role as CEO and head the emergency disaster task group overseeing the aftermath of the incident." Kakao CEO Resigns After Outage Affects 53 Million Users Worldwide Whon promised to make every effort to win back their users' trust in the messaging service. He further stated that the business would take steps to prevent a repeat of this incident. According to the Kakao website, Namkoong very recently took over as CEO of the organization in March. In Q2 2022 of that year, there were approximately 47.5 million app users. As of right now, Hong Eun-taek will serve as the only co-CEO of the business, with Whon departing following the terrible series of events, according to Kakao. Kakao's stock rose by 4% in the morning prior to the announcement. The company's shares dropped to approximately 10% a day after the outage. According to the South Korean publication Korea Times, Kakao is currently dealing with numerous complaints from the public as a result of the recent significant outage. Kakao CEO Resigns After Outage Affects 53 Million Users Worldwide The authorities should look into the case against the IT tech giant, according to the regulators and users. In South Korea, Kakao has monopolized the market, and many people want to sue it collectively. On Saturday, there were more LINE users at Naver, another countrywide IT behemoth. Immediately after the Kakao incident, it tripled. People are reportedly saying that Kakao is no longer useful, according to an industry observer. Some customers are considering switching services because they no longer want to waste their time because the market is diversified and offers a variety of services that are similar to KakaoTalk.

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