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KAT Walk C 2 – Most Advanced VR Gaming Treadmill

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KAT Walk C 2 – Most Advanced VR Gaming Treadmill-GadgetAny
KAT Walk C 2 gaming treadmill

Kat VR is launching an omnidirectional gaming treadmill for users who want to play VR games while exercising. The KAT Walk C 2 treadmill flaunts a harness that connects to the treadmill so users can run snd turn without losing balance. Additionally, the harness allows a wide range of motions – crouch, leaning forward, duck, strafe, and jump. 

Moreover, it is also swift and accurate, with a latency of less than 10 ms. In addition, even the distance accuracy is less than 1 mm. Interestingly, it contains cruise control mode for lazy people or if the distance is too long. Consequently, it will let users’ in-game avatar move in a straight line with minimum effort. However, users need to stick their foot out in front of them to activate it. 

Furthermore, there is also a haptic feedback feature in the KAT Walk C 2 Plus model. Additionally, the footpad in this stimulates walking on a hard floor. Also, multiple vehicle modes stimulate the vibration of a moving car. Plus, it also consists of a chair if a user gets tired. In addition, it supports all the major VR headsets and 129 games across various platforms. 

KAT Walk C 2 gaming treadmill

However, users require specialized shoes for the KAT Walk C 2. Fortunately, they come when buying the treadmill. The Walk C 2 is 62 inches tall, weighs 125 pounds, and has a circumference of 12.91 square feet. But, there are restrictions on a player’s size. According to the company’s recommendation, players need to be between 63 inches to 77 inches tall with no more than 286 pounds.


The KAT Walk C 2 boasts a starting price of $698 as a part of an early bird discount. In addition, on May 14, a Kickstarter campaign will launch the innovative VR gaming treadmill. Lastly, the campaign held by Kat VR had multiple payment tiers with multiple treadmills and pairs of shoes.  

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