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KEENON Robotics Launches Dinerbot T10 And Kleenbot C30 At World Robot Conference 2023 In Beijing

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Image credit : PR Newswire Keenon Robotics recently unveiled its latest innovations at the World Robot Conference in Beijing, showcasing the multifunctional delivery robot Dinerbot T10 and the cleaning service robot Kleenbot C30 in China. The Dinerbot T10 serves as a versatile waiter, transporting dishes to customers in restaurants and hotels. Featuring a 23.8-inch display and cloud-based advertising support, it excels in navigating narrow passages as tight as 59cm. Founder and CEO Mr. Tony Li shared Keenon's history and their profound passion for robotics, reflected in their name meaning "Keen On Robotics." Operating in over 60 countries, 600+ cities, and securing robotics certification in 64 nations, Keenon's global presence is notable. [caption id="attachment_192069" align="aligncenter" width="2560"]DINERBOT T10 Image credit : PR Newswire[/caption] The event showcased a range of 15 service robots, including the Guiderbot, Butlerbot, and various cleaning, disinfection, medical, and industrial delivery robots. Dinerbot T10, presented by CTO Mr. Tang Xuanlai, boasts "efficient delivery," advanced sensor detection, multi-modal interaction, and effective advertising. With an open-design tray, plate detection, upgraded motion control, and adaptable chassis, T10 ensures smooth liquid delivery and seamless navigation in tight spaces. Also read : Apptronik Launches New Human-Robot Apollo: A Competitor For Tesla Bot The T10's sensor fusion adapts to complex lighting and multi-layer distance detection, enhancing accuracy and interaction. A movable head combines voice and expression interactions, while the 23.8-inch screen and cloud-based advertising enhance user experience. Keenon's entry into the cleaning robot market was also announced, introducing Kleenbot C30 with four cleaning functions and coverage of 1500sqm in a single charge.

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