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Keep Your Smart Home Safe With These Useful Tips & Tricks

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Keep Your Smart Home Safe With These Useful Tips & Tricks-GadgetAny

We are in the 21st century, and everything seems possible with technology. From staying connected to exploring space, anything is possible. But in this advanced lifestyle we lead, privacy and security seem to take a backseat in brilliant homes.

We make our homes smart to keep ourselves and our near ones safe, but sometimes it is compromised. All our personal information can be hacked and used against us. There are some ways through which you can minimize the intrusion by outsiders. We are so drawn towards the latest gadgets and their features, but sometimes we are now aware of the threats as it comes with some life-changing severe dangers.

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But before we invest in these technologically interesting gadgets, we will need to understand the perils it poses. It is not a one-time investment; it needs regular maintenance. To be safe, you must know how smart home devices can bring disharmony to life.

Smart homes seem the most vulnerable as the internet is connected to all the smart home devices. It can be hacked and controlled by hackers in the same fashion as a system or a website. So the first step towards securing your smart home is safeguarding the network through which devices are connected to the internet.

Create A Strong Password for Wi-Fi Network: The primary and the only way to keep your smart home safe is to have a strong Wi-Fi password that cannot be cracked easily. Wi-Fi is the primary device that connects and controls all the other devices of the smart home.

Wi-Fi passwords


Without fail, change the default password of the Wi-Fi so that your neighbors do not access your network and can also access the security camera. Upon installation, you are prompted to create your User ID and Password.

Make sure to create a unique password, which means it should not be your date of birth, your pet’s name, or your child’s name. Also, the password should be unpredictable as the hackers are geniuses at cracking the passwords.

The password of the router and Wi-Fi should be necessarily different. If you need help creating a strong password, there is a low-cost service that you can take help from called password manager.

Assign Unique and Different Passwords For All Devices: Just having a strong password to the network is not enough, as once the trespassers crack this code, they will start capturing other devices, too, assuming that is the same password for all the devices. So make sure to keep a different password for every smart home device.

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Enable Multi-Factor Authentication. This code is generated and sent to you via message, an app, or email. In addition, you have an option to use a password manager, which is easy and secure to manage your login credentials through all devices.

Password manager suggests strong passwords that ensure not repeat the password on other devices. It stores the password for you to log in to websites securely without entering the password every time. Keep changing the passwords regularly.

Ensure To Update: We update our systems, mobile phones, etc., regularly, which helps in fixing old issues and additionally will look into dangerous security issues. The two updates are the software update improves the apps, and the smart devices are updated on the firmware. 

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Enable auto update on your Android and iOS devices so that whenever there is an update available in the market, you can benefit from it. Some devices notify you if you want to update, and your system is updated upon clicking the icon. But of course, this does not hold the same for all devices; some may need manual updating.
Technology is a great boon, but we must go the extra mile to keep ourselves safe.

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