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Know if Your Friend Is Coming to Meet You via Google Maps Feature

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The new feature will let you know when people will arrive and when they will be back homeSuppose you have planned a gathering for your Family and friends, so we tend to worry about their arrival time and reaching home safely. Now, Google Maps have got you covered. The new feature, location-sharing, will alert you about the whereabouts of people who have shared their location with you. This feature works based on guesswork and informs you about the approx time of their arrival. It works best if your friends and Family have shared the location right before leaving home. Here is how this feature works. Also, we have explained how you can use it and when it will be available. Feature to Notify if Your Relatives or Friends Reached Home Safely How to get alerts? Once this feature is available on all the devices, you will have to select your profile icon and tap on location sharing. Now, choose the person you want to request to share their location. Next, select Add to add an address to get the updates from your friend or family member. Now choose the designated area, when to be notified of leaving or arriving, and tap Save. The person sharing their location will also get a notification that you have saved their place, and once they reach the designated location, you will get a message. They will also get various reminders that they are sharing their location notifications. There will also be push notifications in the Maps app and Email. Feature to Notify if Your Relatives or Friends Reached Home Safely Can we turn this feature off? The answer is Yes! If you have received a notification that someone wants to be notified when you arrive or leave a location, you can either accept or turn it off. The steps to do so are: Click on the notification on your screen; next, slide the switch off for Allow Recipients to add notification and tap Turn off to confirm. You also have an option to block them altogether. However, if you block them, they won't be able to add notifications about your location. But why block when you can turn off this feature? When can we use this feature? Google has rolled out this feature to iOS and Android users. You need to have the latest version of the app to use this feature. If you still don't see it, wait for a while; it will come to your phone.

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