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Koji, a link-in-bio platform, introduces a new tool to enable authors to sell e-books

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Image Credit: Koji Koji, the most potent link-in bio platform in the world and the top social media app store, announces the launch of its updated e-book and audiobook functionality. Now more than ever, Koji makes it simple to share and sell any e-book, PDF, or audiobook right inside your link in the bio. With the help of Koji's e-book app, sellers can effectively showcase their books and draw in potential customers with the help of strong sharing features, new previews, descriptions, and design options. Customers can instantly view or download their purchases, and the app's built-in reader and player let users read or listen to both ebooks and audiobooks. Additionally, sellers can upload audiobooks as standalone items or as an add-on, and they can quickly put together combo bundles that include both e-books and audiobooks. Koji charges a 10% fee for each e-book or audiobook that a customer purchases. One of the most well-liked Koji templates was an independent e-book template that the company released last year, according to Paul Bakaus, head of creators at Koji. The new e-book template will take the place of the old one, offering users access to brand-new features like the ability to add reviews and provide customers with free chapter previews before asking them to pay and unlock the full version. Additionally, Bakaus informed us of the availability of bundled e-books and audio. Many users and their followers are likely to love the new e-book tool, especially "BookTok" creators, a TikTok subculture where people recommend books to their viewers. There have been more than 113 billion views of the TikTok hashtag BookTok as of this writing. Koji Mobile Image Credit: Net Inflencer Since the start of the pandemic, e-book reading has become more and more popular; according to a Pew Research Center survey, 30% of Americans will choose e-books over physical books in 2021. Dmitry Shapiro, a former employee of Google and Myspace Music, and self-taught programmer Sean Thielen founded Koji. According to the company, over 500,000 creators use the link-in-bio platform, which went live in March 2021. Along with more "minor" influencers like Brown Girls Who Write, Lauren Giesting, and Tasting Thyme, notable creators and celebrities include Emily Dobson and Alice Cooper. Regardless of the number of followers, anyone can access and use Koji for free. Also Read: How to make calendar in google sheets? (Step-By-Step Guide) Koji is similar to many other link-in-bio tools that allow creators to link their social media accounts, merch stores, and other projects with a single custom URL. The company also creates a variety of items that it previously referred to as "mini-apps," though. The optional add-on tools that come with Koji now referred to as "templates," each has its own distinct purpose but are all made to increase revenue. On the majority of the products, the company charges a commission of between 5% and 15%. Koji Ad Image Credit: Mar Tech Series Koji just released an "Exclusive Article" app that enables authors to hide written content, such as articles, blog posts, and recipes, behind a paywall. Linktree, a significant player in the link-in-bio market, recently tested a paywall feature called "Payment Lock" so users could build payment links around their content. Koji released more than 100 templates in 2022 alone, including apps for "Video Shopping," "Watch Parties," "Listening Parties," and "Tip Jar," among many others. Over 200 of these templates are available to users of Koji, allowing creators to sell anything from specialized shoutouts to exclusive images and more. In addition to the templates, Koji also provides users with access to analytics via a seller dashboard, where users can view their earnings and obtain information about their customers, such as where they are from, what they are buying, their top customers, etc.  

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