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Kojima's sci-fi adventure Death Stranding is available for free on Epic Games Store

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The base game is currently available for free on Epic Games store (Image credit: Epic Games) Death Stranding, the most recent free game developed by Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear Solid, is currently available for free on the Epic Games Store. Players have until May 25 to claim their copy. There are no conditions connected; you can keep it forever. There has therefore never been a better moment to check out Kojima's psychedelic, supernatural package delivery sim. It's vital to remember that this giveaway only applies to the 2019 release of Death Stranding, not the updated Director's Cut that came out in 2021 with new features and content. But until June 15, you may save money by purchasing the Director's Cut edition, which has been reduced from $40 to $24. [caption id="attachment_175346" align="aligncenter" width="970"]Death Stranding (Image credit: Kojima Productions)[/caption] Receiving the original Death Stranding for nothing is a really amazing offer considering that it usually sells for $30 on the Epic Games Store. Sam Bridges, a delivery kid who transports parcels across a post-apocalyptic United States that has been decimated by paranormal events, is portrayed in the game by Norman Reedus. It's a gorgeous open-world game, but it's also unashamedly strange in true Kojima manner, and that's split critics and players alike.

How to obtain Death Stranding for free

Simply visit the Epic Games Store to grab your free PC copy of Death Stranding. To find the Free Games section of the app or website, scroll down. Once you've chosen Death Stranding, simply click "Get" and sign in with your account to complete the process. Also read : Epic Games, Fortnite owner raises $36 million for Ukraine relief Death Stranding will be replaced by a different free mystery game after May 25. It's a promotion for Epic Games' Epic Mega Sale, which is taking place from now through June 15 and includes one free game per week until then. This gift is timely, and Death Stranding is absolutely worth looking out. At the Game Awards in December, Kojima said that Death Stranding 2 is under development.

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