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Kuo: iPhone 15 Pro Max faces ‘production challenges’ as delays extend

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Kuo: iPhone 15 Pro Max faces ‘production challenges’ as delays extend-GadgetAny
iPhone 15 Pro Max

Image credit : Matt Talks Tech (YouTube)

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has made a notable revelation regarding iPhone 15 pre-orders, disclosing that  the iPhone 15 Pro Max sales is exceeding expectations leaving the iPhone 14 Pro Max November 2022 sales behind. According to Kuo, buyers need to wait longer for the iPhone 15 Pro Max than other models but this delay doesn’t contribute to the heavy demand for the latest flagship device. The iPhone 15 Pro demand, meanwhile, sees a more decline than iPhone 14 Pro. 

“Current iPhone 15 Pro Max shipments are lower due to a later mass production schedule, and its current production challenges are more pronounced than other models,” Kuo explains.

Image credit : AppleInsider

As far as iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus are concerned the demand for both these devices remains same as that of the last year for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. As per Kuo, this is because of premium users’ inclination towards the iPhone 15 Pro Max” this year.

Kuo further added that the iPhone 15 Pro Max has been grappling with production challenges which has caused the prolonged wait times.

As per the shipping anticipations from Apple’s website, the iPhone 15 Pro Max in “Natural Titanium” and “White Titanium” are reported to be facing more delays than other models, with shipping estimates slipping all the way to mid-November.

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The initial iPhone 15 pre-orders are set to commence shipping soon, and the first deliveries are scheduled for September 22nd.

The crux of the matter is that the iPhone 15 has fared much better in terms of pre-order contrary to the analysts’ predictions. 

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