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Land Rover Unveils “All Green” Defender on Its 75th Anniversary

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Land Rover Unveils “All Green” Defender on Its 75th Anniversary-GadgetAny

The British automaker today unveiled the “Grasmere Green” off-roader Defender, limited edition, to mark its presence of 75 years in the auto world.

Land Rover adds a lot of green to its latest version of Defender, the 75th limited edition. The first thing you notice about the off-roader is the new color which the company calls Grasmere Green. This color has been used for the first time.

Not just the body but the wheels are also green. The 20-inch alloys have matching caps too. The color is not just used on the exteriors but is visible in the interiors, also. The crossbar beam on the dashboard has a green powder coat, with doors having a green finish.

The color is itself great, which is earthy as well as bright in the right amount. Adding to this are the color-matching wheels. In addition, the Defender comes with many other creative features, like an etching of the 75th anniversary at the rear and dotted interiors.

The beast is powered by a small P400 Ingenium gas engine, unlike the V8 at the top of the current edition. In addition, the small engine helps in mild hybrid electric technology thanks to the new braking system.

Like all Defender versions, the all-new off-road vehicle also has standard features. In addition, there is software for terrain response, a 3-D surround camera, LED lights, built-in wireless charging, and a heads-up display.

The seats are upholstered with a fabric called Robustec, which the company boasts is the most robust fabric available on Defender. The new Defender will also have a folding fabric roof, a heated steering wheel, and heated seats.

FYI: If you are planning on buying the limited edition vehicle, bear in mind that the cost of the available standard Defender is a whopping $66,000.

The price of the new vehicle that will be making its way is not mentioned yet but will be announced soon.

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