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Laptop prices likely to increase in late 2022

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Laptop prices likely to increase in late 2022-GadgetAny
Laptop prices likely to increase in late 2022

The 2020 pandemic saw major lockdowns worldwide, pushing people to start working from the comfort of their homes. As a result, the demand for gadgets like laptops increased significantly. However, when the Covid storm cleared, and offices started opening their doors again, the prices for laptops were likely to go down again. Additionally, at the end of March 2022, several laptop manufacturers expressed their plans to reduce the costs of laptops. The reason is that they were looking to move their inventory due to the decrease in demand after the lockdowns. However, there are speculations that laptop prices might increase in the second half of 2022.

The cause of the about-turn by the laptop manufacturers might be due to two significant reasons. The first is the widespread Covid lockdown that again began in China. And the second is the ongoing Russia-Ukraine conflict. Consequently, these led to added manufacturing costs and extreme component supply chain, logistics, and assembly problems. Hence, major laptop manufacturers are “mulling” over raising their prices to tackle these issues. 

Laptop prices likely to increase in 2022

Moreover, China has been closing many of its centers important for the smooth functioning of consumer electronics, EV, and other industries. And the Russia-Ukraine conflict further boosted the rise in energy costs and raw materials prices. As a result, there are shortages of raw materials, creating havoc in the supply chain system.

What’s more

Additionally, the increase in laptop prices in late 2022 will follow the drastic drop in prices for expensive graphic cards. Consequently, there has been a significant plunge in the costs of NVIDIA RTX3000 series graphic cards and new computing prices. Lastly, supply chain sources like the notebook ODM and OEM industry hint at a rise in laptop prices. Plus, each laptop maker faces different supply hurdles. So, the price changes are likely to vary across the board and might not even happen simultaneously.

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