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Latest COVID Variant Entails long-term COVID Symptoms

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Latest COVID Variant Entails long-term COVID Symptoms-GadgetAny

The rates of COVID-related hospitalization and death are decreasing globally. However, the 33-month-old pandemic’s worst effects have been successfully mitigated, despite a developing catastrophe.

Although more and more people are avoiding hospitals and surviving COVID, more and more people are also dealing with the long-term effects of COVID. Fatigue. Heart issues. stomach issues, lung issues. Confusion. Symptoms that can last for months or even a year or more after the infection clears.

As many as 21 percent of Americans who caught the SARS-CoV-2 virus this summer ended up suffering from long COVID starting four weeks after infection, according to a new study from City University of New York.

That’s up from 19 percent in figures the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in June.

Compare those figures to the current COVID hospitalization and death rates in the U.S., which were 3% and.33%, respectively. Any novel-coronavirus infection’s most likely harmful result is long COVID. And perhaps becoming more probable.COVID

“Despite an increased level of protection against long COVID from vaccination, it may be that the total number of people with long COVID in the U.S. is increasing,” epidemiologist Denis Nash, the CUNY study’s lead author, told The Daily Beast. That is, every day more people catch long COVID than recover from long COVID.

However, the worldwide epidemiological establishment does not place a high premium on comprehending protracted COVID, let alone preventing it. Nash said that needs to change. I think it’s time to pay more attention to long COVID in addition to averting hospitalizations and fatalities.

In recent weeks, authorities worldwide have recorded almost 500,000 new COVID cases per day. That isn’t quite as low as the 400,000 new cases per day that health organizations recorded in February 2021, when case rates had fallen to their lowest point. But it’s not far.

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