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Latest Sony Linkbuds S Model Is Made From Recycled Water Bottles

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Latest Sony Linkbuds S Model Is Made From Recycled Water Bottles-GadgetAny
Sony Linkbuds S

According to Engadget, Sony has unveiled an Earth Blue variation of their LinkBuds S that uses more recycled materials.

“Factory-recovered plastic and reused water bottles” are used to make the new LinkBuds S model. The LinkBuds S now has a marble pattern on its external surface due to the plastic materials utilized in its construction.

Design research into new applications for recycled water bottles gave rise to the concept. Due to the manufacturing process and lack of plastic, its main shell and case have a swirled appearance.

Sony Linkbuds S

The LinkBuds S offers ANC and transparency mode to help users tune out or tune into the world as they wish, in addition to being a more environmentally friendly version.

Additionally, it supports Auto Play, which enables users to program specific times for audio to begin automatically. The new LinkBuds S version has Sony’s Adaptive Music Control, which may adjust sound settings based on your location or activity.

Sony Linkbuds S

Additionally, it boasts a battery life of six hours on a charge with ANC active and an additional fourteen hours in the case. 

Due to its IPX4 protection, users can even wear them while working out. In order to facilitate short talks, it also contains a Speak-to-Chat feature that pauses audio when you begin speaking.

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At the end of October, Sony, Amazon, and other stores will start selling the Earth Blue version.

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