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Launch of the OnePlus 11 Jupiter Rock Edition is planned for late March 2023

(Image Credit Google)
Photo Credit: 9to5Mac According to OnePlus, "extreme" measures were taken to make a 2023 limited edition of their flagship smartphone. This reportedly entails creating a nine-step procedure to transform a "unprecedented" substance into brand-new back panels for these limited-edition 11 units. Each is said to have a distinctive grain to its new finish, which will be displayed at an upcoming event. The 11 will receive a Special Edition in 2023, and OnePlus has confirmed that it is indeed meant to resemble the appearance (and "feel," apparently) of our solar system's largest planet. The company has a wide range of alternatives to glass as a finishing material, including bamboo, ceramic, Sandstone, and Active CryoFlux, but has chosen to come up with something completely original instead. OnePlus - 9to5Google Photo Credit: 9to5Google According to reports, a brand-new end-to-end manufacturing technique is used to transform "3D microcrystalline rock" into rear panel material with a "natural" design that is "100% hand-selected" for the best appearance on the limited-edition 11. Also Read: Apple has released limited-edition AirTags for Japan’s Year of the Rabbit Accordingly, OnePlus claims that each resulting unit is "dedicated to every individual you." However, leaked renders from SnoopyTech suggest that the overall appearance is similar to a new, creamy beige-like 11 - even though the promised individualized grain is present. The cost and availability of the new 11 model should be disclosed during a presentation on March 29, 2023 at 14:30 (08:30 CET) in Beijing, during which the Jupiter Rock Edition will be launched.

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