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Leaked emails reveal lame excuses made by YouTube diver Jared Leisek for allegedly raping 9-yr-old

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Leaked emails reveal lame excuses made by YouTube diver Jared Leisek for allegedly raping 9-yr-old-GadgetAny
Jared Leisek

The founder of the well-known YouTube volunteer search and rescue diving team “Adventures with Purpose,” Jared Leisek, has been charged with raping a minor in Utah in 1992.

He allegedly said in the communications that were revealed through the emails addressed to the victim that he had “made peace in my life with all things horrible including this” in a series of insulting jabs. Leisek, 47, is accused of raping a child twice in the first degree in connection with two different alleged events.

Leisek sent his victim an apology email in February. The email was signed “Jared” and came from the official “Adventures with a Purpose” email address. Leisek began the email discussion with, “I am so very sorry for the things that we cannot change,” according to The Sun. “It is regrettable that the Leisek and Juhasz lineage went through the same hell as you, me, and many of the other cousins. Like you, I have also been the victim of numerous family members and non-family members. It is regrettable that molestation occurs in families like ours.”

He continued, “I have personally attempted to apologize to you and to have an open talk with you about it in order to answer any questions you may have. “The first time I apologized to you, I’m sorry for how it was handled because I thought your mother knew and I thought it was acceptable to have the talk with both of you at that time,” she said.

As many of us had to learn how to recover and go forward, Leisek said that the second time he sought to apologize “was not to clear my own conscience, but to assist you heal and help with any issues you may have been having.”


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“You essentially told me to go f**k myself and told me how I had embarrassed you the first time around. I am sorry”, he continued. According to the criminal complaint filed in the Beehive State, Jared Leisek was 17 years old at the time of the alleged sexual assaults against a girl who was 9 and then 10. He said making a 46-year-old man “live the mistakes” of a child is “not realistic.”

“Thank God we are not forever judged for our actions as youth, and I’m grateful that many of us cousins acknowledged and stopped those sins which happened to us and those sins we once committed as a result of grooming,” Leisek wrote. “I have made peace in my life with all things bad including this.” Although Leisek or ‘Adventures with a Purpose’ haven’t made any comment on the matter, many members of AWP have reportedly issued resignation statements on YouTube.

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